Ma (2019)

When a new girl moves to town, she’s immediately introduced to the “cool kids” of the school. While declining their invitation to hang out at first, Maggie (Diana Silvers) finds herself alone when her mother (Juliette Lewis) bails on their music festival because she was called into work at the casino in town.

The kids are outside of a liquor store, unable to get any adults to buy them alcohol until they manage convince a lonely veterinary aid named Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) to help them out. She ends up offering them her basement so they can drink in a “safe” location, but the kids end up getting more than they bargained for when they find out Sue-Ann (“Ma”) was herself not part of the popular group so she intends to make these kids like her… or else.

With a few surprising twists and a few predictable plot twists, Ma serves up a cautionary tale about wanting popularity no matter what the cost. It’s an interesting movie that takes the horror trope of the overly attached character and flips it on its head, showing me something I personally haven’t seen before in a horror movie.