Re-runs: Transporter 2

(Editor’s Note: this is a review for a movie that came out in 2005, which was during myfreakinworld version 1.X. My writing style was supposed to be a little “edgier” which I now see as… well kind of cringe. So keep that in mind…

Transporter 2 came out on DVD on Tuesday, and having seen and thoroughly enjoying the first, Davarish and I were rather excited to hear about the sequel. Before I go on any further, I would like to make mention that sequels in the past are usually a letdown for people who were huge fans of the first. This is usually because of box office sales grossing large sums of money for the movie company, so they have a larger budget to play with for the next in the series. This means that the explosions are bigger, the car chases are more frequent and the special effects are more noticeable. Transporter 2 follows along with these guidelines closely.

The transporter, Frank Martin, has retired from his previous profession of no questions asked deliveries and is now the chauffeur for a wealthy family’s only son. Frank agrees to take the son to his regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment, and then finds himself caught in the middle of a kidnapping involving the son and a Columbian economic terrorist targeting world pharmaceutical company leaders.

Now on to our opinion: As stated earlier in the review, the transporter 2 had many scenes that left us scratching our heads and pointing out obvious flaws in the movie. A dozen 9mm bullets instantly shooting a helicopter out of the air, flipping a car to knock off a tracer/bomb using a crane, Numerous Jackie Chan style fighting, and ramping a jet-ski out of a waterway and onto a highway behind a bus to name a few. Some of the action scenes looked like they had a higher budget than the actual script, and the plot was kind of shaky for a while.

Davarish sez: ahhahahaha, bullshit. (This movie was rather sub-par if you ask me. I was certainly expecting much more from Luc Besson. Anyone want to buy a used copy of The Transporter 2?)