Zombie Apocalypse

Have a few spare dollars laying around, burning a hole in your pocket?

Like killing zombies in creative ways?

Like blood and gore?

Then you should try Zombie Apocalypse for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC*!

On a more serious note, this is a game that I found on the PSN that grabbed my attention pretty quickly and has so far been really entertaining.

You play as one of four characters (perhaps maybe an homage to Left 4 Dead? Or maybe “borrowed from”) who run around in a top-down environment grabbing powered-up guns, getting points for slaying zombies, saving citizens, and staying alive.

You go through hundreds of zombies all running at you from different parts of the screens as you gather up shotguns, machine guns, flame-throwers and teddy bears.

“Teddy bears?!” you say. Yes, teddy bears.

Another homage to Left 4 Dead (or again “borrowed”): you can toss a teddy bear that acts just like a pipe bomb. It attracts zombies to gather around it instead of you and will blow up entire groups of them at a time.

The point of the game is to basically survive as long as you possibly can.

There are different modes of play that have different modifiers, such as “blackout”, where you play in an area that has had a power surge, “chainsaw only” (pretty self explanatory), and so on. Once you defeat all the zombies in that particular level, you are scored by how many you killed, if you had a “no grapple bonus” (achieved by not being touched by the zombies), and so on.

Seems easy so far right? Here’s the challenge: Once you get far enough the zombies actually get better at killing you, by having special abilities like being able to use a shotgun, being large enough to pin you automatically, running up with dynamite in their hands (like the combine zombie in HL2:E2), throwing scissors at you, or even vomiting on the ground (which slows you down if you run through it).

You do get some help though, as each level has a way to environmentally kill zombies. No, this doesn’t mean the game wants you to slaughter the enemy in the most “green” way possible, it means that you will have things handy like a helicopter turned on its side with the blades still going, gas pumps to set the horde on fire, car destroying machines to compress zombies into little cubes and a mulcher to turn zombies into… well… mulch.

There is a multiplayer and story mode for the game, so if you’re feeling social you can jump online and kill zombies with up to three other people. Because I always say “nothing brings people together like setting fire to a zombie horde.”

There are also trophies in the PS3 version for those people who need that sense of accomplishment (like myself).

All in all it is a very good game and for the price on the PSN it is pretty entertaining and lengthy.