Modern Warfare 2

Editor’s Note: Not sure of the original air date of this one exactly, so we’ll just say December of 2009 until I can get a better estimate.

Modern Warfare 2 starts off five years after the first game, and brings you in as U.S. Army Ranger Private Joseph Allen in Afghanistan, who under command of a few familiar faces from the previous game, helps try to stop the Ultranationalists in their new plot to execute Vladimir Makarov’s campaign of terrorism in Europe.

The game takes you to many different locations such as a Russian Air Base, a war-torn Virigina suburb, Washington D.C., Rio De Janiero, and may other places, as you help take down Makarov, who has taken the place of Zakhaev as the “head bad guy and enemy of the U.S.”


This game was very easy to jump into, since there was yet another training mission at the start of the game where you can run an obstacle course and learn the controls (which haven’t changed since the previous MW).

Anything that was thrown at you throughout the game was quickly explained and easy to grab onto, so there were no awkward spot where you have to wonder to yourself “WTF am I supposed to do here?”, which was a welcome development.


I had to look up the story for a refresher to write this review, not because I had forgotten what happened, but more so I could understand fully what was going on, as a lot gets thrown at you all at once.
The storyline play through is a good seven hours of playtime, which is pretty good for a first-person shooter in my opinion.


A new feature to this version is a mode called “Special Ops”, where you can earn stars for playing through special missions on different difficulty levels. You are able to play online if you prefer, or offline by yourself.

There are twenty-three missions in all, each with “normal”, “hardened”, or “veteran” difficulties.


The multiplayer for the PS3 was great and easy to jump into. You are given a few options to start as far as match types and classes (which can be customized as you level up in rank), but you can use one of the pre-made classes until you do.

If you aren’t used to playing FPS’s on consoles, you may have a little trouble leveling up since the game feels “stacked against you,” so tough it out and you will soon unlock better weapons, skills, and bonuses.


DO NOT SKIP THIS LEVEL!!! Though it is a whole mission based on a very graphic and hopefully not repeated in real life event, it is critical to the storyline if you play it.

Yes, I did play it and was made uncomfortable by it, but I felt that it was important that you play it to understand why things went down the way they did and also to get a better grasp on the situation.

Yes, you are asked at the very beginning of the game if you want to skip the controversial level, and you can pause and skip at any time if you feel uncomfortable, but I don’t think you should.

If you are bothered by it and end up skipping, then at least read about what happens and why it does on a website.

To quote Wikipedia on the subject: “In his review for Game Informer, Adam Biessener writes that while the level ‘makes the player a part of truly heinous acts’, he also notes that the ‘mission draws the morality of war and espionage into sharp focus in a way that simply shooting the bad guys cannot’. Biessner concludes that it is one of the more emotionally affected moments in the game, is ‘proud that our medium can address such weighty issues without resorting to adolescent black-and-white absolutes’.