The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales

When I first discovered the beautiful B-Moves that are the “Troma Productions,” I was immediately disgusted and intrigued, like when someone sees a terrible car crash but wants to see all the gruesome details and stay with it until the end.

Well sirs and madams, this is definitely something you may want to check out if you like gruesome car crashes.

This is B-Movie goodness at it’s finest, with gratuitous nudity, terrible dialogue, awful special effects, ridiculous storylines and characters that make you go “WTF?!” and that’s just the movies…

This collection of comics covers the characters you’ve grown to love, hate and have an awkward erotic obsession with. There’s The Toxic Avenger, Kabukiman, The Class of Nuke ’em High, Rabid Grannies, and much, much more.

Buckle in and prepare yourself for a disturbing journey into the mind of Lloyd Kaufman, in convenient graphic novel form. This is quite the disturbing ride, so I’d say you should probably prepare yourself by at least trying to stomach some of the movies first. You know, to “get acquainted with the characters.”

Yes, there is going to be nudity. Yes there is going to be profanity. Yes there is blood and guts and everything you’ve come to know and love about the Tromaville B-Movies. So you’d probably want to put this one underneath all those trashy magazine you have stuffed under your mattress (I’M TALKING TO YOU BOBBY), because you’d probably be better off getting caught with Goat Lovers From Outerspace than this garbage.

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