Doodle God

Editor’s Note: Originally Aired sometime in 2010-ish. We’ll say May. That sounds good.

I happened to find a flash page for this game today and was instantly hooked by it’s simple premise: Starting out with 4 elements, you have to combine two items within each element to make new items and elements.

It works both physically (for instance: air + water = steam) and as a play on words (for instance: Fire + Water = alcohol). It starts off with only four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and then grows to 196 elements and 21 categories (as of the current version).

You are also able to tie the game to your Facebook profile and share your progress with your friends. There is a help function that will give you an element so you can try to guess the two that combine to make it. Another help function will show two categories and say that two elements from the categories will combine to make a new element.

If you don’t want to immediately shell out the money for this app, you can try a free flash version

Here is the official iOS App Store link