Daria: Complete Series Box Set

Editor’s Note: Actual airdate, May 2010.

After being off air for almost a decade, Daria has finally made her way to DVD and back into your TV last Tuesday!

This DVD set contains all the episodes from Seasons 1-5 plus “Is It Summer Yet?” and “Is It Fall Yet?” across 8 DVDs.

Personally I was thrilled when I heard this was coming out, because I loved the show when it was on air, and hated that it took so damn long to go to DVD. So I bought the set as soon as I possibly could, and am currently in the middle of re-watching the entire series.

Now here’s the bad news: The reason that this show hasn’t made it to a DVD release yet is because there was so much music used in the show during its original air. If you watched the show, you would remember hearing songs by R.E.M., Nirvana, and many other bands popular at the time. Because there was so many artists copyrighted music used, it was OK for airing, but not OK for sale. The die-hard fans of Daria have fought, complained and wished for the DVD release but the copyright problem still existed.

Here’s what that means for this release: as it says in the insert “99% of the music has been changed.” Yes, there is very little original music in this entire show. If you want the old music, I’m sure you can find the bootlegs on teh Internets.

If you aren’t concerned about the music problem, just want the show on DVD so badly that you don’t care, or have never watched the show before, then pick this set up. So far this trip down down memory lane is worth the price, despite the music issue.