Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 starts up right where the first movie ended, with the press conference where Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) declares that he is Iron Man. Though we are watching it through the eyes of Ivan Vanko, while his father lays on his death bed. Once his father breathes his last, Ivan swears vengeance on Tony (for reasons that are revealed later in the movie).

He then sets out to build his own version of the Iron Man suit, making some modifications, which he will use to attack Tony while he races through the streets of Monaco in an F1 car… Will Tony Stark be able to take down those who want to challenge him while the US Government tries to take the Iron Man suit away from Tony (since he is actually doing vigilante justice)? Will the saucy new help in Legal (played by Scarlett Johansson) throw a wrench in the gears of the already unorthodox relationship between Tony and Pepper Potts? And will Ivan successfully seek his revenge?

Iron Man 2 was a fantastic movie, with amazing action sequences, great jokes (“Give me a dope beat that I can kick my friend’s ass to”) and a bit of the drama thrown in for good measure. All in all I felt that this was a satisfying second helping in the story arc of Iron Man and Tony Stark.

Unfortunately the shrapnel that is in his body is making the toxicity levels in his bloodstream grow at an alarming rate, and while all of the other problems seem to keep stacking up, Tony has to also deal with letting his previous condition get the better of him.

Honestly, my only complaint with the movie (besides the massive amount of collateral damage that was caused to nearby objects like cars, buildings, etc.) was that the final showdown fight seemed rather rushed. I felt like all the buildup between Tony and Ivan would’ve lead to a longer fight sequence but I left disappointed that the victor was able to win so “easily.”