Today in History: Orson Wells broadcasts “Fake News” Martian Invasion

Happy Halloween from all of us a!

As we near the end of this year’s “Spoopy Season,” I’d like to share with you the curious tale of how Orson Wells and a radio group with a large imagination, some sound effects and rather convincing storytelling caused a panic nearly worldwide.

Orson Wells had been working with a group called the Mercury Theatre On Air, which was a low budget radio program that had specialized in doing adaptions of well known stories.

With Halloween coming up, the team hatched a plan to broadcast the “War of the Worlds” story as a real life breaking news segment that covered a Martian Invasion in New Jersey.

“I had conceived the idea of doing a radio broadcast in such a manner that a crisis would actually seem to be happening,” [Wells] said, “and would be broadcast in such a dramatized form as to appear to be a real event taking place at that time, rather than a mere radio play.”

To hear the broadcast in its entirety as well as read more about it, check out the write up of this famous broadcast

Apple Live Event Today!

The Apple Live Streaming event is on for today, October 13! With the Apple homepage getting a slick new logo touting “Fast Approaching,” the rumor mill has been churning out tons of new theories. Is the new iphone going to be announced today? pointed out that there was an Apple event last month that was focused on the new iPad and Apple Watch models, so this announcement is likely to be about the new iPhone model. One capable of 5G speeds, even though news outlets are reporting that even with the new iPhone, carriers won’t be able to provide 5G speeds.

Other sources are hoping for new iPhone sizes to compete with the nearly tablet size phones that are starting to be sold, over the ear Airpods, a new Apple Home, the release date of the new iPad Air, and much more

Find out live from Apple Park, Cupertino at 1pm EST!

Live stream to be hosted on Apple’s Youtube page and also at