This Week in Pokemon: Monday March 1, 2021

In Pokemon Go:

Gible has been added to Pokemon Go Research rewards for the month of March

Go Rocket Special Research: Giovanni is back and now has a Shadow Articuno that can be caught once he’s been beaten

Weekly Free Bundles will be appearing in the Shop including 10 Ultra balls, 10 razz berries and a remote raid pass

Season of Legends begins today and runs through June. New 5 star bosses will appear in raids, new Mega Raid Bosses and new research rewards and new Pokemon are expected to appear

Mega Blastoise and Mega Ampahros will be appearing in Mega Raids starting today

Incarnate form Landorus will be appearing in 5 Star raids starting today at 10am local time until March 6th

Tuesday March 2nd will have a Krabby Spotlight hour with increased Krabby Spawns and 2x Candies for transferring Pokemon

Wednesday March 3rd will have a 5 Star Raid Hour at 6pm Local Time with increased Incarnate form Landorus raids

A Go Rocket Raid Hour will take place at 6pm local time with increased Go Rocket Balloon spawns

Saturday March 6th is Fletchling Community Day from 11am-5pm local time, with increased Fletchling spawns and more shiny chances

Incarnate Form Tornadus will take over five star raids during the Fletchling Community Day

In Pokemon Sword/Shield:

Gigantamax Pikachu has left the Wild area and has been replaced with Flying and Fairy type Pokemon. Gigantamax Corviknight and Hatterene have been spotted