This Week in Pokémon: March 8th 2021

Pokémon Go:

  • ONGOING: Gible in Research Rewards for the month of March
  • ONGOING: Shadow Articuno can be freed from Giovanni
  • ONGOING: Season of Legends continues until June
  • ONGOING: Mega Blastoise, Pidgeot and Ampharos in Mega Raids until March 16
  • Incarnate Form Tornadus is in Five Star Raids as of March 6th
  • A new “Free Bundle” is in the Shop, including: One Remote Raid Pass, 10 Ultra Balls and 10 Razz Berries
  • This week’s Spotlight hour will be Drowzee and 2x Transfer candies (Tuesday March 9th at 6pm local)
  • A 5 Star Raid hour will take place Wednesday March 10th at 6pm local
  • Incarnate Form Thundorus will take over 5 Star Raids on Thursday March 11
  • A Mega Bonus Hour will take place Thursday March 11th. If you Mega Evolve a Pokémon during that time, Pokémon sharing the same type will give you additional Mega Evolution candies when caught

Pokémon Sword/Shield:

  • ONGOING: Fighting and Fairy type Pokémon in Wild Area Raids
  • The Next Online Competition has been declared the Spikemuth Cup. Players have until March 18th to sign up for the single elimination event. Pokémon Limited to Galarian Pokémon as well as an in Tourney restricted list (NO DYNAMAXING).
  • Spikemuth Battles will run March 19th-21st, more details at