Pokémon Go: Weather Week Announced

Weather Week has been announced by Niantic and will take place from Wednesday, March 24th at 10am to Monday, March 29th at 8pm.

  • Weather week will mark the debut of Shiny Rainy Castform
  • Rainy Pokémon such as Vaporeon, Lotad, Stunfisk and more will be appearing in the wild from Wednesday at 10am to Saturday at 10am
  • Windy Pokémon such as Skarmory, Taillow, Pidove, and more appearing in the wild from Saturday at 10am to Monday at 8pm
  • Psyduck, Poliwag, Swablu, Drifloon, Mantyke, Tympole, and Ducklett will be in the 5km egg pool
  • Rainy and Windy Pokémon in raids
  • Weather Themed Field and Timed Research will reward encounters with Rainy Castform and more
  • Bonus Stardust when catching Weather-boosted Pokémon
  • More details at Pokemongolive.com

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