Pokemon Go April Calendar has been announced!

March is coming to a close, and Niantic has released the schedule for April’s events in Pokemon Go!

  • Male Frillish will be in Research Breakthroughs for the entire month of April
  • New GO Rocket Timed Research will begin April 1st
  • Giovanni will now have Shadow Zapdos
  • Spotlight Hours (6pm local time) for Buneary and 2x Transfer Candy (April 6th) Mankey and 2x Evolve XP (April 13th), Grimer with 2x Stardust when catching pokemon (April 20th), and Finneon with 2x Catching XP (April 27th)
  • Therian Forme of Tornadus debuts in 5 Star Raids from March 30th – April 13th
  • Therian Forme of Landorus debuts in 5 Star Raids from April 14th – April 27th
  • Incarnate Forme of Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornados beginning April 27th (Shinies possible for all three)
  • Free Bundles will appear in the shop starting every Monday, which will include a Raid Pass and other items
  • Raid Hour every Wednesday from 6-7pm
  • Spring into Spring research event (April 4th – 8th): Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey w/ Flower Crowns will spawn and other Spring-themed surprises
  • Snivy Community Day will be on April 21st
  • Rivals’ Week (April 13th – 18th): Rival Pokemon will be featured including the debut of new Pokemon, TBA
  • Sustainability Week (April 20th – 25th): Pokemon like Grimer and Trubbish appearing in the wild
  • Friendship Day (April 24th), Details to come
  • An event around release of Pokemon Snap is also being hinted at, called a “Snappy Event” that will take place at the end of April. Pokemon Snap is scheduled to release April 30th!