It’s Springtime for Pokémon Go!

A Springtim update has been announced for Pokémon Go! Updates include the following:

  • Flower Crown Pokemon will be appearing in the wild: Pikachu, Exeggcute, Marill, Plusle, Minun, Buneary, Bunnelby, Chansey and more!
  • Happiny wearing a flower crown could hatch from eggs!
  • Happiny wearing a flower crown can be evolved up to Blissey (with flower crown)
  • There is a chance for Shiny Bunnelby, Chansey or Happiny!
  • Shadow Exeggcute could be encountered in Team Go Rocket Battles
  • 2km egg pool will be updated to include Exeggcute, Flower Crown Eevee, Flower Crown Pichu, Togepi, Azurill, Buneary, Flower Crown Happiny, Munchlax, Rufflet and Bunnelby
  • Mega Lopunny will make its debut in Mega Raids
  • Spring Themed gift stickers will be available in Pokestops and the in game store
  • Spring Related Research will give Azumarill, Rufflet and other encounters
  • 2x Hatch Candies for duration of event
  • Lucky Eggs will last 1 hour
  • 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance for eggs placed in incubators DURING EVENT ONLY

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