This Week in Pokemon: 3/29/2021

Pokémon Go:

ONGOING: Gible in Research Rewards (Until Tuesday 3/31)

ONGOING: Shadow Articuno can be rescued from Giovanni (Until Tuesday 3/31)

ONGOING: Season of Legends (Until June 1)

ONGOING: Therian Forme Thundurus in 5 Star Raids (until Tuesday 3/30)

ONGOING: Every Monday in March, a free one-time bundle containing 10 Ultra Balls, 10 Razz Berries, and a Remote Raid Pass will be available in the shop.

Therian Forme Tornadus will be in 5 Star Raids (March 30-April 6)

Spotlight Hour: Slugma & 2x Catch Candy (March 30 6p-7p local)

5 star raid hour: Therian Forme Tornadus will be appearing in 5 Star Raids on every available gym (Wednesday 3/31 6p-7p local)

April 1-30, Giovanni will have Shadow Zapdos

The April Events will start Thursday Apr 1

Pokémon Sword/Shield:

ONGOING: Fighting and Fairy types in Gigantamax Raids (End Date TBA)

A Mystery Gift of 12 Exp Candy XL and 12 Big Nuggets can be redeemed using code ADVENTUREB9F until April 3