Nintendo and FujiFilm Announce new App and Printer for Nintendo Switch games

Remember the Game Boy Printer? The Game Boy Camera? I had a green Game Boy Pocket as well as a GameBoy Camera, and would spend tons of time shooting photos of myself and friends, using the terribly pixelated low resolution camera. Oh yeah, and it only took black and white photos.

Anyway, I bring up this stumble down memory lane to talk about the new partnership that was announced between Nintendo and FujiFilm, announcing that there will be a smartphone app and Digital Printer released that will be compatible with some Nintendo Switch games!

Set to release around the same time as Pokémon Snap, the smartphone app and printer will allow you to take in game photos taken on the Switch to be printed out on instant photo paper, as well as allowing the player to add special frames that have themes based off of Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon Snap (to name a few)!

The printer will also be available in a special Pokémon Themed pack that will come with a silicone cover shaped like Pikachu!

The Instax Mini Link Printer normally retails for $99

More information can be found at FujiFilm’s Website