This week in Pokemon: May 24, 2021

Edit 5/25: If you want an easier way to get a Sylveon during the Luminous Legends Y Bonus week, name an Eevee “Kira” before evolving! The name trick only works once, so choose wisely!

Edit 5/25: Updated Raid Tier List link to include the Eevee-lutions

ONGOING: Season of Legends (Until June 1)

ONGOING: Galarian Ponyta in Research Breakthrough (Until June 1st)

ONGOING: Go Rocket Special Research – Shadow Moltres (Until June 1st)

ONGOING: May Events

ONGOING: May Raid Tier Boss List

TM Away Frustration from Shadow Pokemon, ends tomorrow May 25th (Part of the Luminous Legends Y Part 1 event)

Luminous Legends: Y” Part 2 Starts Tuesday May 25 and runs until May 31st (Sylveon Eeveelution possible, fairy types in the wild, Eevee and it’s Evolutions in raids)

Because the Global Challenge to defeat 25 Million Rocket Grunts was completed, 3x Catch XP will be live until May 31st and Galarian Zigzagoon will be in 1 Star Raids (with Shiny chance)

A free Event bundle will be in the store that contains a free raid pass, 15 Pokeballs and 15 Great Balls

Yveltal leaves 5 Star Raids Tuesday May 25th, but will return in the 5 Star Raid Hour Wednesday May 26th

Spotlight Hour: Marill and 2x Catch Stardust (Tuesday May 25th 6pm-7pm)

5 Star Raid Hour: Yveltal takes over all available gyms Wednesday May 26th 6pm – 7pm

A nest Rotation will occur after the raid hour on Wednesday

Special Partner Weekend is this Saturday May 29th