Current Raid Tier List: June 8, 2021

Mega Raids: Mega Slowbro (With shiny chance)Type: Water/PsychicCP Range: 1382–1454 (Boosted CP: 1728– 1817)Boosted CP Weather Condition: RainyRecommended Group Size: 5+ Tier 5: Regirock (With Shiny Chance)Type: RockCP Range: 1703-1784 (Boosted CP: 2129-2230)Boosted CP Weather Condition: OvercastRecommended Group Size: 4+ Regice (With Shiny Chance)Type: IceCP Range: 1703-1784 (Boosted CP: 2129-2230)Boosted CP Weather Condition: SnowyRecommended Group … Continue reading “Current Raid Tier List: June 8, 2021”

Go Battle League Stardust update

If you’ve noticed that stardust rewards for playing Go Battle League have been a little smaller than usual, Niantic has as well so they tweeted that the stardust rewards will be increased to the same amount as in Season 7!

This Week in Pokémon: June 7, 2021

Pokémon Go: ONGOING: June Events (Until July 1) ONGOING: Season Of Discovery (Until September 1) A Very Slow Discovery starts Tuesday 6/8 Spotlight Hour 6/8/21: Abra and 2x Catch candy 5 Star Raid Hour 6/9/21: Registeel Nest Rotation Wednesday Night 6/9/21


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