Pokémon Go: Season of Discovery!

Galarian Ponyta will be in 7km eggs and timed research beginning June 1st

A new month brings a new Season in Pokémon Go: The Season of Discovery! Be on the lookout for new spawns and Pokémon in the egg groups getting… scrambled…

From June 1 to September 1st the following Pokemon will be in these specific biomes and egg groups:

In the Wild

  • Cities – Alolan Rattata, Magnemite, Porygon, and more
  • Forests – Bellsprout, Doduo, Skorupi, and more
  • Mountains – Rhyhorn, Nosepass, Dwebble, and more
  • Water – Magikarp, Marill, Wailmer, and more
  • Hemisphere-exclusive: Alolan Diglett, Staryu, Barboach, Petilil, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Sableye, Scyther, Combee, Summer Form Deerling, and more

In Eggs

  • 2km – Meditite, Buizel, Spritzee, Swirlix, and more
  • 5km – Togepi, Gligar, Skarmory, Bonsly, and more
  • 10km – Timburr, Rufflet, Goomy, Noibat, and more
  • 5km Adventure Sync – Cranidos, Shieldon, Skrelp, Clauncher, and more
  • 10km Adventure Sync – Bagon, Beldum, Gible, Riolu, and more

For more details, check out https://pokemongolive.com/post/season-of-discovery-2021/.

Luminous Legends X: Xerneas

Edit: 4/27: “Corrected 500 Million Fairies caught” Catch Challenge Dates

From Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, May 17, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. local time, Xerneas will be bringing new Pokémon to raids and the wild! The following will be happening during this event:

  • Xerneas in 5 star raids
  • Galarian Ponyta, Alolan Exeggutor also in raids
  • Spritzee, Swirlix, and Goomy will be appearing for the first time in game!
  • Other Dragon and Fairy type Pokémon, such as Dratini, Ralts, Bagon, Cottonee, will also spawn in the wild
  • Rain Lure Module will be added to the game, that will attract bug type pokemon and allow you to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra. The Evolution will also be possible if it’s raining in game
  • Event Exclusive Themed Research will give encounters with Spritzee, Swirlix and other Fairy Type Pokemon
  • Field Research will give encounters with Galarian Ponyta, Gible, Spritzee, and Swirlix
  • Cleffa, Igglybuff, Azurill, Gible, Swirlix and Spritzee will be in 7km Eggs
  • Evolve a Dragonair or use a Charged TM on a Dragonite for it to learn Draco Meteor
  • Evolve a Shelgon or use a Charged TM on a Salamance for it to learn Outrage
  • A worldwide goal of catching 500 Million Fairy Type Pokemon will run from Tuesday May 1 to Tuesday May 9th to unlock bonuses the following week
  • If the goal is met the following Bonuses will be live May 11-17:
    • A 3x catch XP bonus will be active
    • Pancham will debut in game, appearing in Raids
    • A Shiny Galarian Ponyta chance will unlock

Luminous Legends Y was also teased, with Yveltal being announced in a future event!

It’s Springtime for Pokémon Go!

A Springtim update has been announced for Pokémon Go! Updates include the following:

  • Flower Crown Pokemon will be appearing in the wild: Pikachu, Exeggcute, Marill, Plusle, Minun, Buneary, Bunnelby, Chansey and more!
  • Happiny wearing a flower crown could hatch from eggs!
  • Happiny wearing a flower crown can be evolved up to Blissey (with flower crown)
  • There is a chance for Shiny Bunnelby, Chansey or Happiny!
  • Shadow Exeggcute could be encountered in Team Go Rocket Battles
  • 2km egg pool will be updated to include Exeggcute, Flower Crown Eevee, Flower Crown Pichu, Togepi, Azurill, Buneary, Flower Crown Happiny, Munchlax, Rufflet and Bunnelby
  • Mega Lopunny will make its debut in Mega Raids
  • Spring Themed gift stickers will be available in Pokestops and the in game store
  • Spring Related Research will give Azumarill, Rufflet and other encounters
  • 2x Hatch Candies for duration of event
  • Lucky Eggs will last 1 hour
  • 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance for eggs placed in incubators DURING EVENT ONLY

Charge Up! in Pokémon Go

From Tuesday, March 16th 10am – Monday, March 22nd 8pm a Charge Up! Event will be taking place in Pokemon Go which will have the following bonuses:

  • The debut of Tynamo, the Electric Fish Pokémon
  • Alolan Geodude, Voltorb, Electrike, Stunfisk, Tynamo, and more will be appearing in the wild
  • Pichu, Elekid, Electrike, Shinx, Joltik, Tynamo, and Stunfisk can hatch from 5km eggs
  • Voltorb, Shinx, Blitzle, Klink, Tynamo, Alolan Raichu, Alolan Graveler, Magneton, Ampharos, Therian Forme Thundurus will be appearing in raids
  • The debut of Mega Manectric in Mega Raids
  • Additional event-themed Field and Timed Research
  • A higher chance of evolution items when opening gifts
  • More information at https://pokemongolive.com/post/chargeup-2021/