Go Battle League Stardust update

If you’ve noticed that stardust rewards for playing Go Battle League have been a little smaller than usual, Niantic has as well so they tweeted that the stardust rewards will be increased to the same amount as in Season 7!

This Week in Pokémon: April 19, 2021

Pokémon Go:

ONGOING: Season of Legends (Until June 1st)

ONGOING: Therian Forme Landorus in 5 Star Raids (until April 27th)

ONGOING: Shadow Zapdos in Go Rocket Research (until April 30th)

ONGOING: April Pokemon Go Events (Until April 30th)

ONGOING: April 2021 Raid Tier List (Updated as needed)

ONGOING: GBL Season 7 Great League and Great League Remix (until April 26th)

Sustainability Week Starts April 20th

Spotlight Hour: Grimer & 2x Stardust for catching Pokémon (Tuesday April 20th 6pm-7pm local)

5 Star Raid Hour: Therian Forme Landorus (Wednesday April 21st 6pm – 7pm)

Friendship Day Event: Saturday April 24th 11am-2pm

Tricky Pokémon Event – April 1, 2021

April 1 is just around the corner and there’s a Pokémon Event to celebrate! The following will be happening on April 1st from 12:00am – 11:59PM Local:

  • Aipom, Croagunk and Purrloin spawns in the wild
  • Team Go Rocket will be appearing in stops and balloons with Shadow Aipom
  • Complete Go Rocket Timed Research to get a Super Rocket Radar
  • The Switch timer in Go Battle League will be halved!
  • Ditto will be appearing more frequently
  • A special surprise will happen in photos